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Anne Monk

 Assemblage      Sonoma County   

 RiverFront Gallery   

Anne grew up immersed in a world of contemporary mid-century artists, a menagerie of pets and farm animals, and the rolling oak woodlands of the east bay when they were still wild and mountain lions, badgers and deer roamed freely through her backyard. 


She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Conservation and went on to direct museum education programs, work as a photographer, and teach science and art for 35 years. Anne now lives on a ranch in Sonoma County where she paints, mosaics, and creates assemblages.


The common thread through all of Anne’s work is a lively sense of color and the playful juxtaposition of form. Anne says “I usually begin a piece with a single focal point. It might be a comical juxtaposition between porcelain figures, or an interesting interplay between different textural forms. From there I build, or paint, outwards, elaborating and giving power to the image that first sparked my imagination. 


It’s always an adventure to take everyday objects, deconstruct them and reinvent them entirely anew. While these transformations are playful, they often have a way of peeling back the layers of reality to hint at a hidden, more mysterious narrative about the world we find ourselves in.” 

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