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Painting Pottery

Ed Price

 Painter    Sculptor Ceramist 

Sonoma County   RiverFront Gallery   

“Art is Life. Express Yourself”. That has been my new motto and direction since I retired in of January 2021.  It was time to reinvent myself and find a new inspiration and outlet for my artistic creativity. In the past, drawing, painting and sculpture have been my go to place but they were no longer giving me the personal satisfaction needed. So, I looked back into my past to find a medium that would inspire me again. Water based clay, ceramics is where I landed.  I have always been a very tactile person and found that working with clay filled the artistic void that I was feeling. Taking a lump of clay and molding it into something has been a new lifeline.


My new works at the “Riverfront Gallery” reflect three different techniques of working with clay.  Some are hand built and others are throwing on the wheel. Examples are: The persimmons started off as pinch pots and then I sculpted the stem and the leaves. The “Red Stems and Leaves” vase is a “coil” pot with sculpture elements added. The small covered boxes and the larger vase are all thrown on the wheel.


I hope that you will enjoy my new works and if you have any questions please ask the “Riverfront Gallery” staff.


Thanks for looking and remember “Art is Life” so go out there and express yourself.

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