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Beverly Haley

 Painter      Sonoma County   


Nature and life in general are the inspirations for my paintings. I especially love the colors and complexities of flowers. Flowers are almost always an integral part of my works, if not the main subject in the composition.

I strive to convey an overall feeling of happiness and joy in my paintings. I am in a place of serenity and love when I am in my studio creating and hopefully these positive energies are transferred from my brush to the canvas.

Various references are used to design a single composition. I extract ideas and use references from my own photos and books, along with my ever blooming imagination. Once I have a design solidified in my mind, I approach the blank canvas by very roughly outlining my idea. I then begin developing the shapes by applying paint using a brush or pallet knife. I apply several layers of paint until I am satisfied with the composition, definition of shapes and color palette. Working with acrylic paints allows me to be spontaneous as I paint. Because of the fast drying quality of the paint, I can simplify a piece I feel I have overdone, by subtracting out parts, and I can add to areas that are calling for something more. Once I am happy with my composition, thickness of paint and color selections, I go in and clean up all the edges and add the finishing details.

In the past, I have enjoyed a challenging career in the business world. The art journey is my life now and it provides the opportunity for endless learning, challenges, and excitement every step of the way. To be able to create a beautiful work of art to share with family, friends and the world is a feeling of deep satisfaction and delight for me.
I live with my husband in Rohnert Park, CA and spend several of the winter months in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My husband and I enjoy all kinds of travel including long road trips and traveling abroad. Together we have a large combined family of children and grandchildren living all around the country.

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