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Karen Spratt

Painting   Sonoma County

Riverfront Art Gallery

I'm a native Californian, second generation. I grew up chasing lizards in the Mojave Desert where the local artists filled their landscapes with Joshua trees and poppies.

In San Diego I learned to be a teacher.  My classrooms were works of art. It was the part of teaching I did best.

In San Jose I took watercolor and life drawing classes.  The hours of work paid off. I'm confident in my drawing skills and color mixing. Practice, practice, practice.

By the time I arrived in Petaluma I was calling myself an artist.  I took more classes and found a studio to share with a group of talented and generous artists.

I'm grateful that I can spend my days playing with paint.  Art has always been a part of my life.  My biggest inspiration is the artwork of other people.  I love spending time in art museums and try to visit them wherever I go.

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