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Beth Bjorklund

 Painter      Butte County   

 RiverFront Gallery   

Beth Bjorklund likes to paint fruit and vegetables and people she loves.  She’s working on 32 individual 8x10 portraits of her family and in-laws that will hang above her mantle in a 4’x8’ grid.


She attended American River College and Chico State University to get her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Design and in Art.


She made her living as a designer/illustrator when she graduated in 1980, designing logos and business systems, package design, newspaper advertising design and layout.  But painting was always a part of her life.  She became a wife and mother who took up painting again seriously after 25 years of raising kids and keeping house.


“There are so many great things to paint,” she says, “and when I paint I thank God for the beauty in everything, for my ability, and for the time I have to paint.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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